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2009 12 17
Frozen lake!
The lake recently froze.
This have resulted in several deaths caused by drowning.
The most probable cause is that people are venturing out to the frozen lake to get ice for their drinks.
“What a bunch of fucking morons” Torgny,
the bar owner replied when asked for a comment.

2009 12 02
The winter is here and Ola Lawless have stolen a snowplough to turn down the snowman once and for all.

2009 11 28
Riot Rats takes over town!
We are getting reports on drunken rats who terrorize senior citizens and light trash cans on fire down town.
Caution is advised.
Torgny reported that most of his beer has been stolen,
and he is so pissed off that he will put rat poison in all the beer he sells to his customers from now on to prevent future thefts.

2009 11 25
watch out!
The Sea Monster has been spotted on YouTube.
The Sea Monster on YouTube

2009 11 13
FRIDAY THE 13TH. Ola Lawless and Friends are staying indoors today to avoid bad luck.
Take it easy out there!

2009 11 06
Brr... the winter is here and Ola is buried under snow, Torgny have to drink frozen beer.
Just Blind Dave is happy, he building a snow lantern. Ola Lawless is buried under the massive snowfall and Torgny can't drink his frozen beer but Blind Dave just building a snow lantern.

Ola lawless is driving a snowplough to kill the snow man and Torgny Junior is chill his beer in the snowman.