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2009 03 28
Hurray It's Saturday again and here is the weekends news report: Ola is back and the snowman was his first victim, but some friend of Torgny-junior is working to repair the snowman.

2009 03 26
Ola Lawless is back on Friday! We can already now inform you of the big come back of Ola Lawless. After almost a week without him the nature, people and snowman cured fairly well. But all of this will change tomorrow!

2009 03 24
The warm weather is continuing and Torgny doesn't have ice to cold drinks in his pub. The guests are complaining. The warm and shifting climate is a major problem and we have to stop the global warming now! Or else you will have to drink your beer warm.

2009 03 23
Today we have a weather forecast! The sun is shining and it´s very warm outside, not a great day to be a snowman.
Read some basic information about the snowman under characters.

2009 03 21
Yesterday some people reported something that sounded like a shootout. We have investigated the shots from Torgnys Pub and we give them nine out of ten stars.
We also added a new picture in the archive/art section, so don't forget to check it out!

2009 03 19
Extra report from Torgnys Pub: Torgny is saying that he now serves fresh lunch food in his pub. Before the lunches weren't fresh and if you give the old food back you get your money back.

2009 03 18
We get many mails from people who are complaining about Ola's bad language, we understand the complains and we are working to solve this problem. Unfortunately, Ola Lawless doesn't give a shit.

2009 03 17
Yesterday Ola Lawless smashed a man in the head. Today our reporter asked Ola why he is so violent.
We are now looking for a new reporter.

2009 03 13
Many people have sent pictures to “the moose week drawing competition 2009” but only one can win. And the winner is: Algot! Congratulations! Your moose on vacation picture is awesome.
Algot's winner picture the moose on vacation.

2009 03 12
Ola is angry at the moose and is walking around in town with a rifle. He's pissed off so don't go near him.

2009 03 10
In today's news: Henrik is drowning in mails and a special jury has been assigned to grade the pictures. If you haven't sent a picture yet, do so.

2009 03 09
It's Moose week here on our website and therefore we are holding a big competition. Draw a moose or an elk and send it to Henrik's mail under the contact section.
The winner of “the moose week drawing competition 2009” will have the picture published here on the news section. We need your pictures before Wednesday.

2009 03 07
Hi all news readers!
This is the news for the weekend: Ola and his friend Torgny are drinking beer in the pub again but there's no picture added on the site today.
The reason for this is that the electricity in the pub is temporarily not working, so you can't see what's in the picture anyway! But light a candle and have a happy weekend!

2009 03 06
The news is here!
A new character is added and Ola isn't sleeping anymore.
Read about the Moose under Characters.

2009 03 05
In todays news: People are complaining that the comic “Ola Lawless and Friends” is a big joke and the humor is simple, Ola Lawless is ridiculous! But all we can say is that we are sorry and we hope Ola gets arrested soon. Have a wonderful day!

2009 03 03
Hi! Our news staff is happy to inform you all that no big catastrophes have occured, Not here at least. Ola is just sleeping and snoring.

2009 03 02
This is a message to all new readers of “Ola Lawless and Friends”: Welcome!
Now some news: A new month is here! And outside my window the birds are singing in the trees. Ola lawless is so tired after February that he just stays in bed sleeping.

Ola Lawless doesn't like to be interviewed by the reporters.