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2009 05 10
Hi readers! Tomorrow Ola, Torgny, Britta and Torgny-Junior will go to the hockey game, so don't miss tomorrow's comic!
In other news the traffic on “Ola Lawless and Friends” is growing every day.
We also like to thank you for supporting the site by voting in the link section and all the shouting in the shout box,
keep on shouting!

2009 05 10
New character Destroyer is this weekends big surprise.

Now it's time for this weekends big surprise!
Next week we will have a new character in the comic, but you can already read about him under ”characters”.
His name is Destroyer, and you will get to know him better during next week.
That's all for now... I'm off to go grab a beer.

2009 05 08
Ladies and gentlemen! Friday is finally here and the weekend awaits.
Today we have added a new comic strip to the site, and if you visit the site this weekend you will see we have a little surprise. So don't forget to pay us a visit and drink plenty of beer tonight. See you!

2009 0 05
Here is the great News of today:
Ola and Torgny had a beer drinking contest yesterday evening and there was a great fight. The winner was Torgny with more then 52 beers, then the beer ran out, Ola had 48 beers.
Torgny the winner in the beer drinking contest with 52 beers. Ola Lawless in the beer drinking contest with 48 beers.

In other news you will now be able to vote on “Webcomic planet” and review this comic on “choicecomics”. Just follow the links . Have a nice day and shout more in the shoutbox.

2009 04 27
We are back and everything should be back to the normal schedule again.
In other news:
The new character from last week is Blind Dave. He is a cool guy with a really nice walking stick, check him out by clicking on the character button and click on his name on the menu on the left.

2009 04 13
Welcome back! This is the news of today:
Ola Lawless and Torgny are taking a little break so this week the Professor and his wife are back.

2009 04 06
The web comic Ola Lawless and Friends continues to grow and because of that, the news staff has to manage more and more work. We are therefore moving to a bigger editorial building and Henrik is also getting a better art studio. Because of the moving there can be a little break in the News and maybe also the comic. We do our best so please be patient.

2009 04 01
Welcome all fans of Ola Lawless and Friends!
Today we have great news, there's a Shout box on the website. Now you can shout at all the other fans. Have a nice day.

Ola Lawless is angry at the reporters.