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2009 10 16
In Sweden the “Älgjakten” has started recently,
In today's comic Ola is also trying to hunt the moose,
but if you want to try it yourself you should probably stay sober so that you can aim better.
Good luck, and remember to make plenty of room in the fridge!

2009 10 08
Extra News Report!!
It appears that some aliens have opened a supermarket in town.
We interviewed a random guy with a funny hairdo about the supposed low prices.
He replied: “I don't care about prices anyway, I steal everything I need.
” After this question, the person stole the microphone and took off running.
As a personal note to my boss, please don't cur the budget for a new microphone from my salary.

2009 10 01
The forest is full of berries, this is beneficial to the animal wildlife.
The berries are picked by people, that the animals can eat.
Our reporter was supposed to get us an interview with a bear about what people taste like,
but no one has seen him since he left.

2009 09 23
Ola Lawless and Torgny now on youtube in the clay movie test one.
Ladies and gentlemen. Ola is going to be a Movie star.
This is his first movie ever! Go watch it, and tell all your friends.
Ola on youtube

2009 09 14
Ola and Torgny have once again decided to try and kill the sea monster.
Animals Rights Watch are very upset since the sea monster seems to be an endangered species,
but Ola and Torgny does not care.
Ola Lawless and Torgny fishing with a hand granade after the sea monster in the lake news picture.

2009 09 01
September is here!
We are now celebrating the new month with beer drinking at Torgnys Pub.
We have interviewed all characters in the web comic Ola Lawless and Friends and If you want to read the interviews you will find them under characters. And to all fans out there, have a nice day.

2009 08 21
You may have noticed the new design at the top of the page. Well an accident occured when Destroyer hacked the server and made some graffiti.

Now the site works normaly again and Destroyer is behind bars.
Destroyer makes graffiti on this web page. He is mean news picture.

2009 08 11
Hello there all readers of Ola Lawless and Friends!
The news staff has been busy working on the big office party so therefor we haven't wrote you any news, but here comes some news.
Creators of other excellent web comics asking if they can link to and why not?
If Ola and Torgny think the web comic sites are funny they may also link back on the link section.

Ola Lawless wonders if the boobs are real.