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2009 07 21
It's a big day today! We are introduce a new character to the comic and he is strong, really strong... And his name is Mr Strong.
If you want to know him better go read all about him under Characters.

2009 07 18
This week has been tragic, one person found hurt in the forest and Ola is angry because we don't pay him for the interview.
Now it's weekend and we hope the next week will be free from violence and hate.

2009 07 01
And here comes the fresh news of today:
There was an accident on the avenue when a tree fall down on a women.
The women is now alright but she having a big tree over her so she cant move. Next Thursday the tree shall be removed.

In Other news Ola Lawless is back on the streets again.
The Police are now raising the reward money with 25% If they can catch and arrest him in a Doughnut Shop.

2009 06 28
Sunday news report: Because of the sun Ola Lawless is tired and don't what to show up. So today Torgny is back.

2009 06 18
A friday between the 19th and 25th of june people in Sweden are celebrating "Midsommarafton".
We all meet to dance around a pole with leafs and flowers tied to it. We also drink vodka, but on Midsommar we call it "nubbe", and we eat pickled herring.
You bet Ola and Torgny loves this day because there is a lot of drinking on this Friday.
The newspicture of Ola Lawless and his Friends are celebrating the Swedish tradition midsommarafton and drinking nubbe and eating herrin.
Have a nice Midsommar!

2009 06 09
This is some news for you that cant get enough of Ola Lawless and Friends. You can now read about Ola in Swedish on the great blog “Mördar-Ola och hans vänner” you will find the address in the linking section.
In other news:
Ola Lawless is trying to sell his video game on ebay and a school class have seen the sea monster in the lake, one teacher is missing.

2009 06 01
Hi all readers!
This week we introduce a new character. His name is Algot and he is one of Ola's closest friends. You can read about him under characters.

Ola Lawless is angry at the sun.