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2010 02 16
Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen.. and Snowmen. Here comes your local weather forecast:
There will be a snowfall all week, so if you have to go outdoors, bring skates or a sleigh.
As it is expected to get very slippery.
But it would of course be best if you stay indoors and drink beer.

2010 02 11
Extra news report!
A man had to be taken to the ER today after a fight during a lecture about the dangers of alcohol.
The injuries were severe, but not life threatening. Ola and Torg.. I mean, the suspects are still on free foot. If you see them, shoot, and if you miss, report their location to the police.
In other news:
Tomorrow there will be a lecture about the danger of lectures at Torgny's pub, bring an umbrella in case it rains.

2010 02 01
Welcome all fans to a new year with Ola Lawless and Friends!

Ola lawless is eating his breakfast.