2009 02 28
This is this weekends news: This week we have introduced the Professor and his wife. The big final coming now! A new picture is added under the artwork section in the archive. Have a nice weekend!

2009 02 26
Welcome! Here is the news of today:
The Professor is now back in this time and everything is normal, but there are reports of a big dinosaur walking around in the city.
And "where is Ola Lawless?" someone asked. He is just watching television and swears about everything. Have a nice day.

2009 02 24
Hello and welcome to today's news.
There were many complaints on the relatively new web comic “Ola Lawless and Friends”. Most of the complaints are about that the comic is not colorized. One source within the comic staff explains that Ola Lawless scared away the guy how was meant to colorize the comic strips. Have a nice day.

2009 02 22
Extra Sunday news report!
Tomorrow this site is going to introduce some new characters, The Professor and his wife. So don't forget to check back tomorrow. The new characters The Professor and his wife

2009 02 21
My fellow comic readers!
Some times in life all people have to chose, some decisions are hard, some are easy. An easy one is to vote for this new web comic “Ola Lawless and Friends”. In the link section we have links to comic sites there, where you can vote for Ola.

2009 02 20
The Swedish air force has reported an unidentified flying knocking object over Ola Lawless house. But there is nothing to worry about at all, it's probably just a whether balloon.

2009 02 16
watch out! There is a peddler in town. He wants to sell you crap you don't need and steal your valuable time, and money. Close all doors and stay on this site for further information.

2009 02 14
Valentines day is here and people all over the world are happy and celebrating.
You can find a Valentines day picture under the Archive/artwork section. Thank you all for the nice letters.
Ola Lawless doesn't like this day, so he is trying to go to “heart attack”. Have a nice weekend.

Late evening update:
Ola Lawless has recieved many phonecalls throughout the day from angry users of the poorly designed web browser "Internet Explorer". Ola says that you shouldn't use Internet Explorer since the Swedish "Explorer Vodka" tastes like Windex. But we have fixed the site so that it looks better in IE now. Happy Valentines day again.

2009 02 13
Earlier this week Ola was saying that he didn't want to be in this comic, but Ola was very thirsty so he went back to Torgny's pub to drink some beer.
People are advised to stay away from the pub.

2009 02 11
In todays news we are happy to inform you that we added some more information about Torgny and his family under characters, so look at the family photo and read about his wife, Britta, and their son Torgny-Junior.

Torgny with his wife Britta and their son Torgny-Junior family photo

2009 02 10
Hello and welcome. We are happy to inform you all that Ola Lawless don't want to show up in the comic this week. He says that he hates all of you and this news report sucks! Now a weather forecast: Sunstorms and thundersnow!

2009 02 09
Welcome to the evening news.
People are complaining about the beer in Torgnys Pub. When we asked the pub owner Torgny he just sad -no comment, and closed his door right in the face of our journalist. In other news:
Our journalist have a broken noose. God night.

2009 02 07
Ladies and gentlemen! The weekend is here again so Ola Lawless is drinking beer with Torgny in Torgny's Pub. Check the artwork section tomorrow and take a look at the party. Have a nice partytime folks!

Regards /The news staff

2009 02 06
The chief inspector of fishing permits for the lake, Mr Angler, was eaten by the giant Sea Monster erlier today. We have spoken to Mrs Angler, and she had this to say: My husbad and I have been married for 93 years and he worked for the fishing inspection agancy for 40 years before he met me. He always talked about fishes... -Thank you and good bye.

2009 02 05

In todays news: we are glad to inform you all that Ola survived the Sea Monster attack and is now in safety in his home.
Torgny reported earlier this morning that Ola has no food but there is nothing to worry about because Torgny give Ola lots of beer to drink.

In other news: The Webb comic “Ola Lawless and Friends” is the biggest Web comic on the site “” so go out tonight and celebrate, It's all because of you!

2009 01 03

Ola Lawless
Today Ola was visiting the photographer and got his picture taken. You can find the picture and much more in the Archive under the art session. Ola did not pay for the picture so if you see him contact the sheriff immediately.

2009 01 02
It´s a new week with Ola-Lawless and friends and people all over the world love the new web comic. Henrik would like to like to thank all fans out there.
And now a traffic report:
A man is running like hell through the city, so take it easy on the roads! And now some music.

2009 02 01

It's a seamonster in the lake
In yesterdays news we reported that Ola and Torgny saw a big sea monster. Today Torgny gave us a picture of the monster. So don't forget to navigate to the characters menu to see the photo and read more about the Sea monster.

2009 01 31
In todays News:
Many people are happy that Ola-Lawless and friends finally is on the web. Due to all the mail we've gotten, we have to hire more staff in order to handle them, we will reply to your mail as soon as possible.

Earlier this morning Ola and Torgny where at the lake water skiing. They reported seeing a big monster in the lake.

2009 01 30
The day after the big happining we all have a big headake. Thanks for the free beer and here is the new of today:
In the whole world it is now annonced that there is a new web comic realesed.
Our local staff have been working really hard to make sure that everyone knows about it.

Ola Lawless annonced in Växjö

2009 01 29
Today we have a release party on the site. Free beer for everyone! This is a historic moment.
We have Ola Lawless here for a coment:
-I dont like you
-thank you Ola Lawless for youre coment.

Ola Lawless dont like reporters