Ola Lawless.

Torgny and his family.

The Sea Monster.

The Professor and his wife.

The Moose.

The Snowman.

Blind Dave.



Mr Strong and Nisse.

The Snowman.

Snowman is not an ordinary snowman.

He can think and feel feelings, on the other hand he is rather quiet and doesn't move much.

For the most part he just stands there, all alone. But some times some of his enemies show up, among them Ola Lawless who doesn't like Snowmen at all.

Now you know a little bit more about The Snowman. We also asked a few questions.

1. What is your name?
- The Snowman.

2. What do you do for a living?
- I work full time as a snowman.

3. How do you spend your free time?
- Check out hot girls.

4. Do you have any favorite food?
- Ice Cream.

5. What animal would you like to be?
- A polar bear.

6. Do you have a favorite color?
- Snow White.. And she's hot as well.

7. What would you bring to a desert island?
- I would bring my hat.

8. What would you do if you won a million dollars?
- Then I'd definitely buy the Ice hotel in Jukkasjärvi

This is the Snowman